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80 g coated paper
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Name Unit Standard Test method
Thickness um 703 GB/T451.3
Basis weight g/O 802 GB/T451.2
Width mm Ordered width + 2 By dividing a direct measurement of the tape measure value of 1 mm
Length m
Tensile strength Transverse N/2.5cm 40 GB/T453 
Longitudinal N/2.5cm 100
Elongation at break Transverse % 7 GB/T453 
Longitudinal % 5
Heat shrinkage rate Transverse % 1 120 5min
Longitudinal % 0.5
Tear Transverse MN 2000 GB/T455-2002
Longitudinal MN 2400
Gloss % 74 GB/T8807
Whiteness % 88 GB/T7974
Moisture % 51 GB/T 462
Smoothness S 30 GB/T460
Paper core mm 762

1, drum face should level off, clean, can not have split;
2, paper should level off, there can be no wrinkles, folds, deformity, hole, various spots, sand, hard block and other effects using paper disease;
3, the colour and lustre of paper should be consistent;
4, Each volume joints shall not be more than one, and have joint volume is not greater than the whole order volume by 20%, joint marking should be colored paper.
Environmental requirements, in line with the ROHS directive, phthalates, EN71-3 standard.
Packing: inside to use thin film bag packing, paper packaging, moisture-proof, waterproof.
Other indicators according to gb/line mark, or the enterprise standard approved by the company. Base paper appearance, colour and lustre according to provide the pattern on both sides shall prevail.

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