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kraft paper
Technical Parameters
Material Common Kraft
Basis Weight 703 g/m2
Thickness 955
Color Brown
Transverse tensile strength 40 N/2.5CM
The longitudinal tensile strength 90 N/2.5CM
Material Common Yellow paper
Basis Weight 833 g/m2
Thickness 1005
Color Yellow
Transverse tensile strength 30 N/2.5CM
The longitudinal tensile strength 60 N/2.5CM
Glue Type Aqueous adhesive
Coating Weight 222 g/m2
Thickness 202
Physical Data
Peel adhesion/180 10.0 N/2.5CM
Initial tack 8.0 N/6.25cm2
Release force 0.020.10 N/2.5CM
Holding Power 4h h/2.5CM
Service Temp -10 60
Min. application temp. 10
Max. application temp. 40
Product Width
1070mm (Other specifications can be sliced.)
Product length
400m800m1000m2000m (Other specifications can be sliced.)
Product Data0351-2716
Last Modified4/4/2018
Family information volume label, office volume label, bar code label printing, warehousing logistics volume label, monochrome and color printing stickers, carton label, drugs label, food volume label, the volume label, high-quality multicolor labels, daily necessities volume label, product identification label, exquisite volume label such as children's toys and books.
It has good absorbability and imprinting ability to all kinds of ink, good performance of die cutting and waste removal, especially suitable for automatic labeling.Suitable for many types of printing modes such as dry offset, gravure, letterpress, flexography and screen etc.Applicable to roll - type adhesive label processing.
Shelf life & storage
Normal temperature a cool, ventilated, avoid sunlight, temperature below 25 , relative humidity in the 505%, with good sealing and moistureproof ability of packaging, storage life can be up to 12 months.
Acrylic water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive with good outdoor performance, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, waterproof, not easy deformation;They are polar in nature and therefore provide good adhesion to the polar substrate.Suitable for pasting base material: paper, film, steel, glass, glue, etc.Paste does not apply to under - 5 environment.
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