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1.Identification of the product and of the company
Product Name Mirror-coated paper Label
Manufacturer's Product Code 0134-4601
Manufacturer/supplier Lecco (Kai ping) Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.
Telephone Number (86) 750 2829618
Emergency Telephone Number (86) 750 2829628
2.Composition / Information on Ingredients
Chemical Characterization Mixture
Physical Form Solid
Color White / White
Product Use Printing, labeling and packaging
Chemical Name Content(%) CAS NO.
Wood pulp (Cellulose fiber) 56-59% 65996-91-4
Water 2-3% 7732-18-5
Calcium Carbonate 13-14 % 1317-65-3
Kaolin 16-18% 471-34-1
Other additives 1% /
Acrylate copolymer 15-22% 26794-25-2(ο)
3.Hazards Identification
Overall Hazard Classification Not hazardous
Route of Exposure Skin contact and accidental ingestion
Possible Health Effects  
Acute Eyes Direct contact may cause temporary eye irritation
  Skin No significant effects expected from a single short-term exposure
  Inhalation No significant effects expected from a single short-term exposure
  Ingestion Gastrointestinal, throat irritation and nausea may occur if swallowed.
Chronic Skin Prolonged skin contact may cause irritation
  Inhalation No volatile No Known applicable information
  Ingestion Repeated ingestion or swallowing large amount may injure internally.
4.Emergency and first aid measures
Eyes contact Immediately flush with clear water.
Skin contact Safety, No first aid should be needed
Inhalation No volatile, No first aid should be needed.
Ingestion If swallowed large amount, get medical attention immediately if ill effects occur.
Note to physicians This material is not-toxic; a small quantity is un-likely to cause harm.
5.Fire fighting measures
Flammability Combustible
Flash point Not applicable
Auto-ignition Point Not determined.
Lower Flammability limit Not applicable
Upper Flammability limit Not applicable
Hazardous Properties None
Extinguishing media Use CO2, dry chemical, foam or water spray
Special Fire Fighting Procedures and Equipment Not applicable
Hazardous Combustion Products Not determined
Unsuitable Extinguishing None established
6.Accidental Release Measures
Personal Precautions Avoid eye contact. Do not take internally
Environmental Precautions Prevent from spreading or entering into drains, ditches or rivers by using sand, earth or other appropriate barriers.
Methods for Cleaning Clean up spilled material and place in suitable containers for recycle or disposal. Laws and local regulations may apply to releases, recycle and disposal of this material, as well as those materials and items employed in the cleanup of releases and disposal. You will need to determine which laws and regulations are applicable.
7.Handling and Storage
Handing Precautions Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid eye contact. Do not take internally. Exercise good industrial hygiene practice. Wash after handing, before eating, drinking or smoking.
Storage Conditions Well ventilated, in dry and cool place, take away from sunshine, high temperature, fire and wet place. Store in room temperature 232 humidity 60% 5%
8.Exposure Controls / Personal Protection
Engineering Controls  
Local Ventilation None should be needed
Ventilation equipment Recommended.
Personal Protective Equipment for Routine Handling  
Respiratory Protection No respiratory protection is required under normal usage
Hand Protection No special protection needed.
Eye Protection Use safety glasses or goggles if necessary
Skin Protection Wear working clothes. Washing at end of shift is adequate.
Hygiene Measure Exercise good industrial hygiene practice. Wash after handing, before eating, drinking or smoking.
9.Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical Form Solid
Color White/White
Basic Weight 190 g/m2
Thickness (Total Caliper) 205 um
Odor Odorless
pH Not determined
Solubility in Water Insoluble
Boiling Point Not applicable
Melting Point Not determined
Flash Point Not determined
Auto-ignition Temperature Not determined
Explosive Properties Not applicable
Oxidizing Properties Not applicable
Specific Gravity 1.05
Molecular Weight Not determined
10.Stability And Reactivity
Stability Stable
Conditions to avoid Avoid high temperature and keep away from fire
Material to avoid (Incomparability) Not determined
Hazardous Decomposition No decomposition
Hazardous Polymerization Hazardous polymerization will not occur.
11.Toxicological Information
Possible Health Effects None Known
Acute Toxicity None Known
Mutagenic Effects None Known
Reproductive Effects None Known
Other Toxicity Effects No information available
12.Ecological Information
Environmental Effects No adverse effects on aquatic organisms
13.Disposal Considerations
Waste Disposal Method Place in suitable containers for recycle or disposal in accordance with local laws and regulations.
14.Transport Information
Not classified as hazardous for transport.
15.Regulatory Information
Not classified as hazardous. Please follow all regulations in your country.
16.Other Information
Contact Technical Services Engineering (86 750) 2829618
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