Technical parameters
Bright white PVC80/WP140/WP63
Material Bright white PVC
Basis Weight 110±5 g/m2
Thickness 80±5 μ
Color Bright white
Transverse tensile strength ≥30 N/2.5CM
The longitudinal tensile strength ≥40 N/2.5CM
Material white release paper
Basis Weight 138±3 g/m2
Thickness 135±5 μ
Color White
Transverse tensile strength ≥55 N/2.5CM
The longitudinal tensile strength ≥130 N/2.5CM
Glue Type Aqueous adhesive
Coating Weight 21±2 g/m2
Thickness 19±2 μ
Physical Data
Peel adhesion/180° ≥7 N/2.5CM
Initial tack ≥6 N/6.25cm2
Release force 0.02~ 0.10 N/2.5CM
Holding Power ≥4 h/2.5CM
Service Temp -10 ~ 60
Min. application temp. 10
Max. application temp. 40
Product Width
1070mm (Other specifications can be sliced.)
Product length
400m、800m、1000m、2000m (Other specifications can be sliced.)
Product Data:0774-7763-TC
Last Modified:4/4/2018
Advertising lettering, outdoor advertising, promotional prints; toys, car / bicycle / motorcycle decals, window film; electrical product description label.
Has good outdoor performance, waterproof, corrosion resistance; according to the different content of plasticizer, can be divided into hard, semi-rigid, soft; good flexibility, silk screen performance is particularly good.
Shelf life & storage
Normal temperature a cool, ventilated, avoid sunlight, temperature 25±3 ℃, relative humidity in the 50±5%, with good sealing and moistureproof ability of packaging, storage life can be up to 12 months.
Acrylic water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, suitable for pasting materials: various types of paper, film, steel, glass, adhesive products.If the customer needs to paste it on PP and PE, it should be tried in the corresponding environment first.Does not apply to paste below -5 ℃ environment.
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